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Day 6 Friday 19th June 2009


Having re-packed my bags the night before, I got up to have my last breakfast in Poppy Cottage. The plan was to spend the day at Sandringham before heading in to Kings Lynn for me to catch the train home in the early evening.

The drive across Norfolk was uneventful although we did get caught behind a ‘Sunday driver’ who was out a couple of days early!  We arrived at Sandringham at about 11.30am and having checked out the gift shop and resaurant for visiting later, we head in to the grounds of the estate to look round the house before having lunch.

Sandringham, Norfolk

Sandringham, Norfolk

It was fascinating to walk through the rooms in the house and hear about the items on display from the very knowledgeable staff. Unlike some stately homes, the rooms that we saw were almost cosy! Even the room that had been used as a ballroom did not feel too large.

We headed back to the restaurant and had an excellent lunch before wandering through the magnificent gardens.

View across the lake at Sandringham, Norfolk

View across the lake at Sandringham, Norfolk

The museum at Sandringham is house in the Stables. It contains an exhibit detailing the history of the house and a collection of vehicles, both full size and child size, that have belonged or been presented to, various members of the Royal Family over the years.

The Museum in The Stables, Sandringham, Norfolk

The Museum in The Stables, Sandringham, Norfolk

As we left the museum, we realised we had enouh time to walk around the lower part of the gardens before making a short visit to the Church on the way back to the car. The interior of the church is dominated by the large silver altar.

Sandringham Parish Church, Norfolk

Sandringham Parish Church, Norfolk

We left Sandringham at about 4.30pm and drove in to Kings Lynn in time for me to catch the 5.36pm train back to Kings Cross. At least going home I didn’t have to get a bus for part of the journey!

Mind you, I wouldn’t recommend trying to take two suitcases on the escalators on the Tube! Apart from that, the journey home was only spoiled by having diet coke spilt on me, but it could have been worse! It could have been a hot drink!

Now I am looking forward to my next break away in September!

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“Day 6 Friday 19th June 2009”

  1. On June 26th, 2009 at 8:00 am Barcardicider Says:

    Wow, what a lovely part of the country and what a brilliant relaxing week.

  2. On June 26th, 2009 at 8:51 am EGOKA Says:

    That sounds a lovely holiday. Restful and beautiful. I love the Sandringham part! 😀

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